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Since 1987, Bélanger Electric has been active in commercial electrical services and installations. Whether it’s upgrading your electrical system, energy savings retrofits (i.e. LED lighting), new construction or service calls, our commercial electricians in New Brunswick can help. We have the knowledge and expertise to help with customer designed installations and we can design and build according to your requirements. Visit our projects page for more information.

LED Lighting – New or Retrofit

LED lighting is the greatest advance in lighting technology since the invention of the incandescent lamp! It is a low maintenance type of lighting and the energy savings are substantial!

Bélanger Electric has the team to help you design and install a new or retrofit LED lighting system for your building’s interior, exterior or parking area. We can do energy and maintenance savings assessment for your existing installations so that a return on investment becomes a known quantity.

We also provide this service to the industrial sector.

Design Build of Electrical Systems – New Construction

Bélanger Electric has designed and installed many commercial electrical systems in our 30 years of operations. Do you have plans for a commercial project and need a company that is capable of bringing knowledge and expertise to the table? We’re here to help you. 

We also provide this service to the industrial sector.

Commercial Service Upgrades

Do you have an older commercial property that no longer meets your electrical needs or those of potential leasing clients?

Contact us to see how we can help you upgrade your electrical systems to make your property safer, more energy efficient and attractive to your existing and future clients.

Lightning and Surge Protection

Commercial properties have many electronic systems. From computer networks to security and video systems, there are electronic components distributed throughout commercial buildings and they need protection.

Surge protection at the electrical distribution and outlet levels have become a necessity. Another level of protection is a lightning protection system. While surge protection is effective at eliminating spikes on utility supplied power, it may not be sufficient in case of a direct or nearby lightning strike.

Bélanger Electric is capable of designing and installing lightning and surge protection for your sensitive equipment.

We also provide this service to the industrial sector.

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