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Since 1987 Bélanger Electric has been active in Industrial electrical services and installations. Are you installing new production equipment, replacing old equipment or building a new processing plant? Does your industrial facility in New Brunswick need emergency power generators? We have the knowledge and expertise to help with customer designed installations and we can design and build according to your requirements. Visit our projects page for more information.

Production Equipment Wiring and Service

Do you have existing production equipment that needs servicing or upgrading? Maybe you’re installing new equipment and you need someone with the knowledge to wire it and make it work. We have the knowledgeable staff to help you.

PLC Controls

Equipment automation is crucial to the success of manufacturers. We are a certified control panel design and assembly company. Are you a manufacturer that needs new or upgraded PLC controls for your production line equipment? Do you build production equipment for your clients and need someone to design and install PLC controls to your client’s specs?

Contact us to see how we can assist with your projects.


VFDs (variable frequency drives) are a common component in industrial manufacturing plants. Do you need to upgrade or replace an existing VFD? Bélanger Electric is able to supply the equipment and the staff with the knowledge to quickly resolve your problem and keep your production going.

If you want to install a VFD on existing equipment in order to have better control and energy savings, then please give us a call and we’ll be glad to assist you.

SCADA Plant Systems

SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) – Today’s manufacturing plant is a highly complex, automated and integrated system. Knowledge of the operating parameters of your plants components can assist you in controlling some of the manufacturing costs that directly affect your bottom line.

A SCADA plant system properly designed and implemented is able to provide information to help control power consumption. It can be used to assist plant maintenance staff either through alarming or with scheduled equipment maintenance. Monitoring, controlling and alarming of refrigeration systems is a prime example of one of the many uses of a SCADA plant system.

Contact us to see how we can help.

Power Factor Systems

Do you know what your plants electrical power factor is? Your utility company does and if it’s less than 90% you are paying for power you do not use!

Contact us and we can do a study that will show if you need power factor rectification equipment installed to help reduce your utility bill. A properly sized power factor rectification system will pay for itself and then keep on saving you money for years to come. It will also reduce the power usage of your electrical service and potentially allow for more equipment to be installed without increasing the size of your service.

We also provide LED lighting, design and build of electrical systems and lightning and surge protection solutions to our industrial clients. Visit our commercial services page to learn more.

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