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Over the years, Bélanger Electric has evolved into an enthusiastic team providing a superior quality of service with the highest level of integrity to each and every job. Our dedicated staff makes a true difference in overall quality when it comes to the final product.

Marcel Bélanger

Team Leader

Marcel Bélanger is the owner and president of Bélanger Electric and takes pride in his company’s commitment to providing a superior quality of service with the highest level of integrity to each and every job.

Through his leadership, Marcel has carved out the directions that have led to Bélanger Electric’s achievements and accomplishments. Marcel handles initial client interactions, project planning and estimates along with programming for PLCs and Scada systems. With over 28 years of electrical experience, he is a successful and trustworthy licensed electrician.

Louise Bélanger

Chief Accounting Officer

Louise is the chief accounting officer and is responsible for Bélanger Electric’s payables and payrolls. As head of all the accounting aspects of the business Louise maintains Bélanger Electric’s day-to-day financial operations. She possesses more than 10 years of business experience as an account management professional.

Gilles Bélanger

Chief Estimator/Project Manager

Gilles is the chief estimator and project manager of Bélanger Electric and manages the day-to-day operations within the company for all your commercial, industrial, residential and waste water management needs. A licensed electrician, Gilles has been managing electrical projects since 2008. From client interactions, to project estimates, planning and purchasing, Gilles will be your PM until your electrical project is complete.

Annik Bélanger

Safety Coordinator, Mini-Split Installation Manager

Annik is the safety coordinator and oversees the mini-split installations for Bélanger Electric.

As the safety coordinator, Annik is responsible for the Bélanger Electric safety programs and practices for all of the commercial, industrial, residential and water/wastewater electrical projects. With over 3 years of experience in safety coordination, Annik is also heavily involved in the mini-split planning and installation division.

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